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Hurtigruten Cruise Ship - Minute by Minute

Hurtigruten Live TV Broadcast for 134 Hours from Norway
134 Hours Live
June 16 - 20, 2011.
Live Journey, Documentary, Reality, Nature, Travel, Norway

People have travelled along the Norwegian coastline with “Hurtigruten” ships and cruise ships since 1893. The journey is known as “The World’s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage” by some. Now everyone with Internet can travel along in this longe live TV program! Spectacular fjords, midnight sun and genuine Norwegian scenery make the setting for a trip from Bergen to Kirkenes. Watch the Hurtigruten broadcast, as it was shown live minute by minute for 134 hours!
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Title Year Runtime Category Description
Flåmsbanen (in 3D or 2D HD)
Flåmsbanen in Norway in 3D and 2D HD with free BitTorrent
2010 1 hour Travel, Nature, Railways, Norway, Documentary, Flåm Line A uncut video of the railway journey on the Flåms Line in Norway. Shot in both 3D and 2D. About the Flåms Line: The top station Myrdal is 865 metres above sea level, while Flåm is by the fjord at sea level. In order to manage the climb up the mountainside, the line twists and turns and has twenty tunnels to gain altitude; even so, the steepest incline of the railway is 1:18, the third steepest adhesion railway in the world. The line has one horseshoe curve (a full 180 degree turn) in Vatnahalsen tunnel as well as one horseshoe curve in open air at Reinunga to gain altitude. There is a crossing (passing) loop at Berekvam station to allow trains going up and down at the same time. Like most of the other operational railway lines in Norway, Flåmsbana is a standard gauge (1435 mm) railway and electrified.
330 Skvadron
Sea King 330 Skvadron Norway
2009 7 hours total Coastguard, Military, Naval, Documentary, Adventure, Rescue, Norway, A eight-part program following the work of the 330 squadron in Norway.
DRM-free Download.
More about the 330-Squadron at Wikipedia
Bergensbanen (in HD)
Bergensbanen Bergen - Oslo Railway Journey Free HD Video Download
2009 7 1/2 hours Travel, Nature, Railways, Norway, Oslo, Bergen Over 1,2 million Norwegians watched parts of “Bergensbanen” on NRK2. The longest documentary NRK have made, almost 7 1/2 hours long, showing every minute of the scenic train ride between Bergen on the Norwegian west coast, crossing the mountains to the capital of Oslo. Bergensbanen is 100 years in 2009, and the documentary was a wild idea from NRK staff that came through, and was, surprisingly, a big success. On Twitter, this became the thing to talk about in Norway. Over 1 000 tweets with #bergensbanen were posted, and even more when they ran the program again two days later.
Nordkalotten 365
Lars Monsen from Nordkalotten 365
2008 7 hours total Nature, Documentary, Adventure, Travel, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing A eight-part travel video. Free Download. The very popular series called “Nordkalotten 365″ has been aired on traditional TV in Norway. Over 900 000 of Norway’s 4,6 million watched the show in average, and the marketshare was close to 50%! “Nordkalotten 365″ is now made available for download. In this series the experienced hiker Lars Monsen has traveled alone through the north of Scandinavia for one year.
Getting Ahead: Testimonials of Women in Politics 2009 1 h, 04 min Politics, Sociology iKNOW Politics and its partners present the film entitled Getting Ahead: Testimonials from Women in Politics that features stories of women politicians from around the world. The film highlights the cases of prominent women leaders from Burundi, Canada, Ireland, Jordan, Namibia, Norway, Peru, the Philippines, South Africa and Uganda.
The Call of the Mountain
- Portrait of Arne Næss and the ideology of Deep-Ecology.

1997 51 min Philosophy, Deep-Ecology, Environmentalism, Portrait of the Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess and the Deep Ecology Movement. Made in 1997 by Rerun Productions. Shot on location in Naess's hut Tvergastein on the Hallingskarvet mountain plateau in Norway, and in Berkeley, USA. With Bill Devall, Vandana Shiva, George Sessions, Helena Norberg-Hodge, and Harold Glasser.


Title Year Runtime Category Description
Ofelaš (Sami)
Veiviseren (Norwegian)
1987 86 min total Drama, Action, In Finnmark around the year 1000, a young Sami comes home from hunting to find his family massacred by the Chudes. He flees to the place where he can find friends and relatives, and is chased by the Chudes. He is wounded but makes his way to a community of other Samis who live some distance away. Upon reaching the others, Aigin's wound is treated by the shaman of the group. He gets into a debate with them about how to face the Chude attackers: some argue for meeting them in battle, while others maintain they should all run away toward the coast. Aigin and some of the other hunters remain to meet the Chudes, while the remainder of the group flee.

Short Films:

Title Year Runtime Category Description
Home Game 2004 9 min, 40 sec Comedy, Parody Can our hero finally make it out of bed and to work on time? Two sportscasters offer key play by play commentary throughout this dramatic contest.
Home for Christmas 2000 4 min, 46 sec Comedy, Satire, Drama If only coming out was always this much fun! Over Christmas dinner Annie tells her family that she's a lesbian. Is their musical response dreamy, or just a dream?


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